Origin Edit

The Our Life War originated right after the channel purge as many innocent people believed that Liam had erased everyone for his personal gain. They responded to this by rising up and declaring war on Liam, to which Liam could not respond rationally.

The War Edit

The war took place in a dimension in which time moved 100000x slower than earth time, meaning that what seemed like a war which went on for years was only a couple of hours in earth time. The bystanders were the first to attack, Liam responded by using the Lifeian orb to summon Alex and an army of mindless Lifeian goons, the war waged on for years. Liam began to feel the toll that the war had taken on him, so he believed that he had to fight for himself. Liam teleported himself to a dimension which moved even slower than the previous dimension, and began to hone his combat abilities until they were unrivalled. He obliterated any opponent that crossed his path and crushed even the strongest of enemies with ease. When the dust cleared, Liam had won, he now had control of Our lives.

The Aftermath Edit

After Liam and Alex won the war, they returned to earth and began making high quality youtube videos for the masses to see. Thus Our Life was born.