Overview Edit

Liam is the founder and innovator behind 'Our Life'. He began from humble beginnings with the channel 'DeadlyFifaFC' featuring highlights of his gameplay in the Fifa franchise. During this period of the channel he began to do football challenges with his brother Callum. All these components combined with a small, but loyal, viewership led to the creation of the vlogging, prank and challenge based YouTube titan 'Our Life'. Sadly all the old videos are lost and remain as relics of the past only passed down in memory and word of mouth. There is currently a petition for Liam to make these videos available once more as they show his classic personality and old self before fame.

Liam is often the primary feature of many of Our Life's videos and is able to take a lot of criticism and have a good laugh at the end of the day. A good example of this is the first ex girlfriend lyric prank video where she accuses him of obviously untrue things and Liam is calmly taking it on the chin and not retaliating. It's also clear that the Our Life viewership agrees with this mantra as there are no negative, or belittling comments to be seen.

Liam is known to have a humorous personality as evidenced by the many prank videos he creates and features in. A classic is the 'Chewing Gum Prank' which, well, we'll let you watch that as it is an utter classic and a great example of Our Life's high quality content.

After Liam led his squad in the Our Life war, he decided to settle down and he began creating videos. He is currently in possession of the Lifeian orb.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Lifeian Orb- As the current possessor of the Lifeian Orb, Liam controls the uploads of the videos on the channel Our Life.

Combat Powers- Liam developed combat powers after fighting in the Our Life war, these exceed normal human limits.

Short- He can get in small spaces.

Trivia Edit

*Liam takes growth steroids to grow taller, this may affect his abilities later on in life.

*Liam does not know how to spell forfeit.

*Liam used to play for the Bingham Whites.

*Liam's parents are divorced.

*Liam has scored 2 overall goals for Bingham Whites.