Overview Edit

Callum was Liam's brother who assisted him on Liam's old channel, "DeadlyFifaFC" this included such tasks as helping Liam answer his AQA and filming football videos with him. He however, did not survive the "Channel Purge."

Death Edit

Callum died on 16th September 2016, this death was caused by the "Channel Purge" which wiped out any creature which was not Liam. He unfortunately did not get to see Our Life come into fruition.

Rebirth Edit

After a long period of time, Liam managed to collect the 7 Lifeian gems, thus earning him a single wish. He proceeded to wish for Callum's life back. Thanks to the power of the Lifeian gems, Callum was reborn and proceeded to join Our Life. He was shown to be alive in the video "FIFA 17, FIFA FORFEIT".

Abilities & Powers Edit

Combat Powers- Callum has only regular combat abilities as he did not make it to the Our Life war.

Short- Callum is so short that he can fit inside molecules.