Overview Edit

BrandanYandale3 is a Canadian friend of the Our Life crew, helping them whenever they need it. He was first introduced in the video "A short clip with out American Mate", he at first came off as a rude human being, but then was kind enough to give out his Snapchat username for all those females out their. Unfortunately his Canadian accent was so strong that we were unable to decipher what his Snapchat actually was, so he was given the name BrandanYandale3. He seems to like the colour red as he wears a hoodie that makes him look like Dennis the Menace.

He joined Liam and the squad just after the Our Life War.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Being a cunt- He has the ability to somehow be seen as a total cunt after he speaks five words.

Snapchat- He is able to send snapchat's to anyone who is willing to communicate with him.

Banshee Scream- His voice pitch is so high that he could burst the eardrums of anyone in a 50 feet vicinity.