Overview Edit

Alex is one of the main members of Our Life, second only to Liam. Alex helps assist Liam in almost every video that has been created by Our Life and will continue to do so in the future. He however, does not help out when Liam pranks his ex-girlfriends, possibly because he is too afraid to feel their wrath.

Alex is part of a species called a Lifeian Crystal, this is because he was created when Liam needed an assistant in not only the Our Life war, but also the channel itself. So Liam used the power from the Lifeian orb to call Alex forth. He has since been by Liam's side through thick and thin.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Lifeian sub-orb- As Alex was born from the Lifeian orb, he contains a small part of its power inside of him, thus enabling him to take over the video uploading responsibility if necessary.

Unconfirmed Abilities- Alex has yet to show his true Lifeian abilities, however legend says that when they hit 1,000 subscribers, he will awaken.